When ‘Ronaldo’ doesn’t come to meet ‘Messi’ and Inter Miami, he has to go home embarrassed

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When ‘Ronaldo‘ doesn’t come to meet ‘Messi’ and Inter Miami, he has to go home embarrassed

Being watch as The last meeting of Goku v Vegeta. Cristiano Ronaldo Al-Nasser clash with Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami. However, it end up being a dream. outstanding And there was also the conclusion that Inter Miami had to return home with some shame as well. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, of course, these are the number 1 players in the world. “Both” without the need inferior to anyone to waste time. Especially during prime time. When Ronaldo moved from Manchester United to explode into top form in the world with Real Madrid to duel with Messi at Barcelona before coming out to Paris to overtake. Germain

For the warm-up game on February 1. It was especially watched as the last meeting of Goku v Vegeta when Ronaldo’s Al-Nasser clash with Messi’s Inter Miami. Si. However, ended up being a dream. And there was also the conclusion that the latter had to return home with a bee covering his head.

The Last Dance

Even though it came off a bit (not) suddenly. When the match between Al-Nasser and Inter Miami was only confirm in mid-November last year. It was here that they would compete in the land of oil riches. As part of the latter’s preparations for the 2024 pre-season.

But with an idea It is consider quite exciting that the fans. We will see Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi face to face one more time before both of them hang up their boots in the near future (next Monday, Ronaldo 38. While Messi will be 37 in the middle of the year)

The 3-way tournament named “Riyadh Season Cup” will held in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia, with Al-Nasser – Inter Miami and Al-Hilal competing for the title.

As the saying goes, this game is part crawling. “World Tour” kicks off the 2024 pre-season of Inter Miami , which aims to be the MLS champion next season in order to make amends from the rather failed season of the past. Even though they have the League Cup championship on their hands.

The important point is the reunion between Ronaldo and Messi. After having directly clashe 37 times over the years. Most of which are duels in “El Clasico” Real Madrid v Barcelona.

As a result, Messi is superior with 17 victories, while Ronaldo has 11 wins and 9 ties.

In fact, Ronaldo and Messi had just met in a warm-up match at the beginning of last year, January 2023. Where Al-Nasser joined hands with Al-Hilal to send a representative to fight against Paris Saint-Gergue. insect. With loud shooting, PSG won 5-4, Messi score 1 goal and Ronaldo scored 2 goals. But were defeated.

In this game, both Messi and Ronaldo were on the field for a full hour. Before taken off. Therefore, there were some moments. Where they actually clashed in the middle of the field.