Inter Miami without Messi is a completely different team from Inter Miami

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Inter Miami without Messi is a completely different team from Inter Miami

Playing style Tactics for doing it Confidence in playing games Every point is a huge difference between “have” and “have not”.

As well, today Messi was only on the bench, so Inter Miami was second to Al-Nasser from the beginning.

But no one would have thought that in just the first 12 minutes the score would have spread to 3-0!

Minute 3 – Two and a half minutes after the kickoff, Otavio received the ball in the left penalty area. Before locking in to the right and then hitting a boom, sending the ball beautifully under the crossbar.

10th minute – A cool set ball for the home side 3-4, ending with Abdulaziz El Elwai cutting from the left end of the line for Anderson Talisca to charge at close range. There is nothing left at the second pillar.

12th minute – The most important one was this one: when Al-Nasser received a free kick in his own half, Aymeric Laporte saw goalkeeper Drake Callender coming off the line. So he decided to strike with his left hand from more than half the field. The ball floated with both weight and direction into the bottom of the net just right without any bounce on the ground first.

This was the goal that put Al-Nasser ahead of Inter Miami 3-0 in just over ten minutes. And it is also a shot that can be entered into beautiful goal contests at every institution.

I’m not sure if FIFA will accept it for the Puskas Award as well. When this was only a goal from a warm-up game.

Closed at half a dozen

Luis Suarez, a former Liverpool striker. Who recently moved to join Tata Martino’s team, had 2-3 chances to pull the trigger but was not good enough to play against David Ospina or. Alternative goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah also didn’t play much with the ball when Al-Nasser dominated the game quite a bit.

The second half played back and forth and the score rose to 6-0.

Minutes 51 – Penalty where the Miami goalkeeper grabbed him and knocked him down. Anderson Talisca was responsible for the kill and there was nothing left.

68 mins – Mohammed Maran saw an opportunity to head wide open in the penalty area and sent the ball into the goal easily.

73 mins – Alex Telles splashed in front for Anderson Talisca to break through and put a shot from his left into the net. Even though the female referee initially caught him offside, VAR accused him of not being offside. It was a hat-trick for the Brazilian and it was 6-0 for Al-Nasser.

After the score was this wide, Messi was sent on as a substitute just to knock out the rust. Calling out screams from the fans in the final 7 minutes, it was clear that the Argentinian superstar could not adjust the score to fix the game in time. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท