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How to cure dry, flaky lips and make them soft

  How to cure dry lips for any girls who are experiencing problems with dry, flaky lips that cause them to lose confidence. Plus, no matter how you apply lipstick, it’s not beautiful. We have some great tips that will make your lips soft and

Ant invade the house. What is the cause?

Ants are insects that lurk in almost every area of ​​your home. Which is the reason why ants settle down and start a family and don’t go anywhere. Because there are tempting food sources in our homes. That is the food waste that comes from

Where are Custard Apples From?

Custard apples originated in South America and the West Indies, and were an important part of the diet of indigenous peoples in those areas. Today, custard apples are cultivated in Asia, Australia, Spain, Israel, India, and other warm climates. The name custard apple actually refers to both the fruit

15 benefits of vinegar. That you may not have expected

Do you know..the benefits of vinegar? It’s not just for cooking. But it can also be used to do various things. There are many in the house. 1. Remove stains in the refrigerator Mix water with vinegar. Mix half a cup of each together and

4 wrong “birth control” methods that can’t really prevent “pregnant”

There are many different birth control methods. both condoms Taking birth control pills, both regular and emergency, injectables, IUDs, including permanent contraception But there are birth control methods that many people believe can help prevent “pregnancy” or “pregnancy”, despite the fact that in addition to being ineffective. Some

“Mushroom Soaking Water” is forbidden to cook, is it true?

Who has heard of Shiitake Mushroom Soak do not bring to cook Because there may be residues that may be harmful to the body or not. How are the facts? Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jessada Denduangboribhand Lecturer, Department of Biology Faculty of Science. Chulalongkorn University Give information in the program “Sure or share it” EP. in shiitake mushroom