Recognize the condition of “steroid-addicted skin” when applied to the skin for too long.

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If a steroid-containing cream has been applied to the skin for years, may be at risk for steroid-induced dermatitis and can affect the skin severely

What are steroids?

steroids or steroids Is the name for a group of hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands in our bodies, there are mainly 2 types: cortisol and aldosterone. under stress The body will secrete more steroids.  ufabet

Later, in the modern medical community, steroids were created synthetically from cortisol steroids, which were the prototype steroids of the body. to develop some drugs Acting harder is increasing the effectiveness of treating certain diseases.

What types of drugs containing steroids

Many modern medicines contain steroids as components such as 

  • allergy  medication
  • Oral inhalation asthma medications include bedromethasone and budesonide. 
  • eye drops, eye drops 
  • certain kidney medicines 
  • Arthritis medication
  • Antihistamines

In addition, there are many other drugs that are steroids, both oral drugs, injectable drugs, inhaled drugs, all of which must be under the supervision of a doctor and pharmacist.

The dangers of using steroids incorrectly

Most of the time, people who get side effects from steroid use often come from using steroids incorrectly, such as eating/using too much. Applying too wide to the skin Eating/or taking too long, etc.

The dangers of steroids are many. Depending on the type of drug used, for example, if it is an oral drug, taking the drug incorrectly may result in

  • infection (immune-suppressing drugs) 
  • have diabetes (medications to increase blood sugar levels) 
  • There is swelling and high blood pressure. (Drugs cause the body to drive water down. but increased fat accumulation in the face, back and stomach) 
  • Osteoporosis (drugs that interfere with the bone-building balance)
  • gastrointestinal ulcer
  • thin wrinkled skin
  • eye
  • adrenal gland malfunction
  • Disturbances in growth in children


steroids in topical skin

Topical Steroids are steroid drugs for the treatment of skin diseases that are commonly used such as Dermovate, TAcream, Beta cream, Topicort, Prednisil cream. about skin diseases such as psoriasis seb derm or allergic rash to the sebaceous glands Allergic dermatitis, sunburn, etc.

But there may be some groups of patients who use these drugs are not effective. It may be caused by drug resistance, drug resistance, or stopping the drug and coming back again. This may come from buying the topical on your own without consulting a doctor. or not following the doctor’s instructions strictly enough

Recognize the condition “Steroid Addiction”

If steroids are used on the skin for a long time Steroid addict may occur. When stopping the drug, the face will be red with pimples. This problem is very common due to the overuse of steroids in the treatment clinic. skin and beauty

In foreign countries, there are many ways to call steroid skin. depending on the manifested symptoms, for example 

  • Red Skin Syndrome (RSS, Red Skin Syndrome)
  • Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA, Steroid Addiction)
  • Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW, withdrawal symptoms after stopping steroids)

Causes of steroid addiction

Steroid dermatitis is a weak condition of the skin caused by

  • The use of steroids to treat certain skin problems such as rashes and acne
  • Use of skin whitening cosmetics containing certain ingredients
  • Using steroids on others and forgetting to wash your hands

Symptoms of steroid skin

before stopping steroids

  • There is a bounce of redness during the application cycle.
  • a rash that spreads to other parts of the body
  • very itchy, burning sensation Sometimes like a needle
  • want more and more steroids to maintain a good treatment effect (calm down)
  • Irritation to allergens intensifies.

After stopping steroid medication

  • red skin like a sunburn
  • noticeably peeling skin
  • have lymph seeping
  • Swelling in the area of ​​direct or indirect steroid exposure
  • Sensitive to the environment and activities such as water, movement, clothing, temperature or even general conditioners.
  • Dry eyes and easily irritated
  • The skin is thicker and darker in color. like elephant skin

Preventing steroid dermatitis

  1. Don’t buy medicine to apply by yourself. Should be diagnosed to determine the cause of the symptoms. Get the right medication from your doctor. And strictly follow the advice from the doctor.
  2. In general, symptoms will improve within 1-2 weeks after using the drug, then gradually reduce the use of the drug, such as switching to a milder type or reducing the number of times applied. (This must also be under the supervision of a physician.)
  3. Avoid applying the medication on normal skin. without any symptoms
  4. Do not apply more than necessary. For example, if the doctor recommends applying 2 times a day, it should be applied only 2 times. Applying more often does not improve the effectiveness of treatment. But it can cause drug resistance.
  5. Avoid the use of ointment in the medium and high potency group. in amounts exceeding 45 grams per week in adults and no more than 15 g per week in children.
  6. If you buy the drug and apply it yourself If the symptoms of skin disease worsen while using the drug, stop the drug and see a dermatologist.