4 wrong “birth control” methods that can’t really prevent “pregnant”

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There are many different birth control methods. both condoms Taking birth control pills, both regular and emergency, injectables, IUDs, including permanent contraception

But there are birth control methods that many people believe can help prevent “pregnancy” or “pregnancy”, despite the fact that in addition to being ineffective. Some methods can also be dangerous to yourself.

4 wrong “birth control” methods that can’t really prevent “pregnant”

Lect. Orawee Chintakanan, M.D., Reproductive Health Program Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University as follows

ejaculation, sperm retention

It’s often the way teenagers like to do it. Because it’s free of cost and think it works But in fact, to prevent the sperm from flowing into the vagina There is no way to guarantee that you will be able to hold the sperm completely. including ejaculation outside There is still a chance that sperm will flow out a little during sex as well. so how to ejaculate Therefore, it is a method of contraception that is very low in efficiency, simply said that there is still a high chance of pregnancy.

vaginal douching

It is believed that after sex Inject the catheter into the vagina. Then let the water come out as if washing the vagina. to drive out the sperm This belief is not true. and is absolutely not recommended. Because in addition to not being able to clean the sperm out as you think There is also a risk of injuring the vagina. and cause the condition of the vagina to change unbalanced vaginal condition Increased risk of various infections 

urinate immediately after

urination after sex It is recommend to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. because after sex there is a high chance of urinary tract infection But it does not help in terms of reducing the risk of pregnancy in any way. Therefore, this method has no effect on contraception at all.

count front 7 after 7

How to count the days before 7 after 7 is another way that many people believe that they can choose the day they can have sex without getting pregnant. That is, counting 7 days before menstruation and 7 days after menstruation, in fact, theoretically, it is consider to have some contraceptive effect. This is because there is no fertilization between the sperm and the ovary. But in practice, the risk of pregnancy is still quite high. Because it is a method that can only be use by people with good physical health . The menstrual period is very regular only, anyone with irregular periods cannot use this method.

What birth control method should I use?

The method of contraception that is still recommend because it is highly effective in contraception is the use of condoms. both used for men and women and birth control pills That’s convenient and doesn’t have to hurt yourself.

There are also several birth control methods that are effective as well. both injectable contraceptives Implantable contraceptives, IUDs and permanent contraception for both men and women