Ronaldo and Messi paths will probably never cross again.

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Ronaldo and Messi paths will probably never cross again. If luck doesn’t help enough.

It is still possible that next year or two years ahead. If both of them still don’t give up and hang up their boots. and is still settled with the current agency It’s possible that “The Last Dance” will be rematched. Compensating for the wait of fans yesterday. Report from ufabet

As well, we must hope that luck will support us enough for Portugal to meet Argentina in some tournament…that will probably only be the next World Cup in 2026. If not, then we will hope for a game. Warming up would be difficult. When P’Fah Khao became the world champion, he wasn’t very good at (and didn’t need to) meet with European teams.

That’s it, viewers… If there’s no “The Last Dance II” rematch next time. Maybe we won’t see a duel on the field between Ronaldo and Messi again. But it probably won’t anything unexpected. From the path that each person chose to carve out for themselves to live in different hemispheres for quite a while.

More obvious are Al-Nasser and Inter Miami’s “next up”.

  • Al-Nasser
    08/02 : Warm up : Al-Hilal
    14/02 : ACL : Al-Fayha
    17/02 : Pro League : Al-Fateh
    21/02 : ACL : Al L-Fayha
    25/02 : Pro League : Al-Shabaab
  • Inter Miami
    04/02 : Warm-up : Hong Kong XI
    07/02 : Warm-up : Vissel Kobe
    15/02 : Warm-up : Newell’s Old Boys
    21/02 : MLS : Real Sol Hot Lake
    25/02 : MLS : LA Galaxy

Al-Nasser still remains in the squad mid-season (when the Pro League took a break for the Asian Cup) to face a familiar face like Al-Hilal.

Which is actually the final of the Riyadh Season Cup 2024. Warm-up tournament with Inter Miami invited to join together.

The next part is the “real” very important game such as the round of 16 of the ACL AFC Champions League in the middle of the month. Which Al-Nasser has to clash among himself with the team in the league, Al-Fayha, the agency. of Vladimir Stojkovic, 40-year-old goalkeeper, former Serbian national team player

Sandwiched between the two home and away matches, Al-Fayha is the opening match of the second half of the season of the Saudi Pro League, where second-placed leaders like them (7 points behind Al-Hilal) will be at home. Team number 6, Al-Fateh, the agency of Christian Tello and Jerson Denayer next.

Inter Miami’s side still has to travel further. Went to warm up for a show in Hong Kong. Meet the Hong Kong league co-star team Followed by going to Tokyo to compete with Vissel Kobe, the former J.League champion. Before closing the pre-season queue Returned to play in his own DRV PNK Stadium, dealing with Newell’s Old Boys, Messi’s first agency, in the middle of February 15.

After the game against Messi’s old team, it will be the opening match of the new MLS Major League Soccer season 2024 with Real Salt Lake as the first opponent.

From there onwards It will be a great challenge for Messi + his Barca group of friends + every Inter Miami player to reach the goal of competing for success in the new MLS season.

Become a big champion once to say goodbye to Messi perfectly.