Online casino Tiger and Dragon card game

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Online casino Tiger and Dragon card game.

It is another popular card game in online casinos. That does not lose baccarat at all. with a simple gameplay. Quick and settled with just one card showdown. Each bet ends in less than 1 minute. Therefore it is very popular for big-hearted gamblers. Who like to measure their hearts.

What is the Dragon Tiger ?

Is a game that is very similar to baccarat, but is different in that baccarat has a wide variety of bets and plays, but different from baccarat is that the dragon tiger is a single card showdown. No need to ask or draw more to make a mess. 

Let’s measure. Whoever scores more, eats. As for seeing the points, it’s not difficult. Think according to the number of numbers on the cards. The points of the cards K=13 Q=12 J=11 A=1. The Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced game. The game is easy to play at UFABET and not complicate. So it’s a game that is quite popular.

how to play dragon tiger

Yes, from above, Dragon Tiger game is a very easy game to play as it is a game that shows only one card to measure which side will have more points.

  1. Just choose between a tiger and a dragon bet or it will be a tie.
  2. The dealer will deal 1 card to Dragon followed by 1 Tiger.
  3. When the cards are revealed, the points from the cards that are revealed will count. Whichever side has more points, wins.

Dragon Tiger payout rate

  • Dragon Predict if the point of the Dragon’s card is the winner, pays 1:1.
  • Tiger Predict whether the point of the Tiger hand is the winner, pays 1:1.
  • Tie Predict whether the points of both sides will come out as a draw, pays 1:8.

Summary of Tiger and Dragon card games

Dragon Tiger game has a quick play, easy to understand, whether it’s easy to choose to bet and easy payout rate, so it’s a game that is very popular, but with a game style that is played continuously. From a quick game, good luck can be fast, if bad luck will run out quickly as well. And best of all, Pretty Gaming with all the dealer girls on the cover who definitely won’t sell your dreams and now they are ready to serve you.