Prevent yourself from cystitis

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Prevent yourself from cystitis

Cystitis is a common disease. Especially the lifestyle of people nowadays. who sit at work all day without getting up to go to the toilet, traveling long distances, being in traffic jams for a long time The bathroom is dirty, unsatisfactory. So I had to hold my urine. This disease may not be serious, but it is a nuisance in everyday life. Therefore, there are people who come to treat this condition almost every day.

Most women have had cystitis. which is considered normal for women. The reason why women get cystitis more than men Because women’s urethra is shorter than men’s. Makes it easier for germs to enter In addition, the urethra of women is open in the genital area. This makes it easy to get infected during sex. The age range that is most likely to have this disease is in the range from reproductive age, 17 years old and up to the elderly 50 years old, there is a chance.

The disease can cure with antibiotics. But there is a chance to come back again. If not changing behavior and various risks that will lead to cystitis Therefore, we should consult a doctor and treat early. don’t leave it Because if it’s a lot May lead to pyelonephritis and other diseases

The recommendation is that you should check your behavior list whether it is at risk for cystitis or not. 

By self-exploration from the following at UFABET

  1. Going to the toilet as if urinating is incomplete have to enter often
  2. urinary incontinence You need to go to the bathroom immediately when you feel pain.
  3. Work all day without getting up to go to the bathroom or having pain in urination but not going to the bathroom due to entangled work
  4. Urinating little and often
  5. burning sensation in the urethra while urinating
  6. lower abdominal pain when urinating
  7. Blood in the urine
  8. Like to drink tea, coffee or alcohol on a regular basis These have the effect of stimulating the irritation of the bladder mucosa. causing the need to go to the bathroom often
  9. Hastily makes urination incomplete When it occurs frequently, it will cause the accumulation of waste. and eventually cystitis
  10. Wear clothes that are too tight. causing humidity It is a source of pathogens. and has a chance to become infected easily

However, we can prevent cystitis by:

1.     Drinking a lot of water will help expel bacteria or germs that in the body.

2.     Should not hold urination for a long time. If it’s painful to urinate, you should hurry to the bathroom.

3.     Avoid drinking tea, coffee or alcohol.

4.     Properly clean the vaginal area with a front-to-back check

5.     Prepare before going out should go to the toilet to urinate

6. Should use     cotton underwear to prevent moisture. And should not wear clothes or pants that are too tight.

7.     After sex, you should urinate every time. to prevent germs from entering the body