Living in 5 districts can help slow down aging.

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Living in 5 districts can help slow down aging.

The symptoms are not fresh, easily irritated, body aches. Can’t sleep well, get fat easily, these are problems. That often seen. of office workers and city people. When I went to see the doctor, I did not specify what kind of disease it was. But for anti-aging medicine or Anti-Aging Medicine, these symptoms are call. That the body begins to deteriorate. When the body begins to deteriorate, various organs will not function fully. Symptoms or diseases caused by degeneration will follow, such as various cancers, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cataracts, dementia. Osteoporosis, etc. Then we can slow down the deterioration of the body or not. And is there any way?  

That deterioration of the body can occur. When we get older. On average, the deterioration of the body will begin at the age of 30.years, But today’s environment, food, air and pollution are toxic. causing the body to deteriorate faster Specialized in anti-aging medicine therefore came to help maintain or fix It will focus on disease prevention. health recovery Including maintaining health.

Before the disease. Including the use of nutrients, minerals, hormones to help slow down the deterioration of the body For those. Who want to slow down the deterioration of the body To help slow down aging to look younger. It can done easily, is to stay in the form of 5 A.

Air: Be in a place with fresh air. Avoid various toxic pollution, both UVA and UVB rays in sunlight, cigarette smoke, smoke from car exhaust pipes. that accelerates the deterioration of the body find time to relax and breathe fresh air outside the city and you will feel refreshed clearer mind


Eat food from all 5 food groups, change food groups to a variety. Avoid foods that are high in starch and fat. contaminated food If possible, you should cook some meals yourself.

Exercise: Exercise helps to keep your body healthy and look younger. But people often say they don’t have time. Time should be allocate to exercise at least 150 minutes per week. And a good exercise should have a variety of combinations such to help stimulate blood circulation. Makes the heart strong Yoga helps joints have good flexibility Lifting weights will help with strong muscle mass. Protect thin bones, etc.


Laughter a little a day, clear mind is a word that can use in every era. People nowadays tend to have stress. Thinking positively, adjusting the way of thinking to find a positive angle, meditating will help brain waves to sleep soundly. Try to meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.


Offensive medicine focuses on rehabilitation and treatment of deterioration of various organs of the body. It is the 5th district that is important because even if we complete the above 4 districts, but when the body deteriorates to a certain point “ Old ” symptoms have already occurred. We need to use medical technology and a team of medical professionals to provide treatment and slow down the deterioration of health. but restored to be stronger for a good and happy quality of life